We believe that you need several weapons to battle piracy and theft of your intellectual property. DMCA Force offers a variety of services that go beyond just simply sending DMCA take down notices. From our advanced Piracy Detection Monitoring to Security and Penetration Testing, we can develop an anti-piracy strategy that will help you secure your property and your profit margin.

Piracy Detection Monitoring: Advanced Technology plus Human Evaluation

Our advanced search spider scours the Web and collects results from various types of sites: Tubes, Torrents, Blogs, Forums, File-Hosts, You Tube, Tumbler and many others. A Case-Manager, who is familiar with your content and strategy, monitors and evaluates the results, removes false positives and makes changes to the system as needed to maintain efficacy and affordability. Read a complete overview of our technology.

Search Engine Delisting

We reduce infringing results from search engines and prevent piracy sites from competing with the legitimate distribution of your products. We work with the major search engines to remove URL listings for pirated and infringing content immediately. Even sites that will not respond to DMCA notices can have their links removed. We keep the pirates out of the search results and away from your site listing, ensuring that infringing distributors don’t derail your SEO and online marketing efforts.

DMCA Take Down Notices

By issuing DMCA notices we can remove your content from piracy channels. Our Piracy Detection Monitoring system integrates with a DMCA notification queue that allows us to issue notices and monitor removals. We’ll issue multiple notices and contact Hosts and Processors if needed.

Reduce Infringing Search Results

We reduce infringing search results from search engine listings in order to prevent piracy sites from competing with the legitimate distribution of your products. Online consumers regularly use search engines, via keyword searching, to find products and may actually be willing to purchase at the time of their search. If presented with multiple opportunities to access your products for free, they are more likely to do so. In some cases, the consumer is completely unaware that these free offers are from infringing distributors.

Strategy Implementation

Beyond traditional methods, we also use creative strategies to increase pressure on those who blindly support or contribute to piracy in order to make the piracy business model less lucrative and less effective.

Advanced Services

Trademark Monitoring

We will monitor your trademarks and provide you with the data we gather.

Copyright Registration

We can register your copyrights on your behalf.

Evidence Evaluation & Packaging

When we have identified infringements that are damaging your business, we can work with you to identify infringers and provide target evaluation. Additionally, we can generate evidence packages and provide recommendations and contacts for pursuing legal action.

Security and Penetration Testing

If you have a web presence, we will test your online security and potential breaches that can lead to password sharing or abuse by your end users. We will provide you the information necessary so you can enhance your security.

Digital Fingerprinting

We work with several providers of Digital Fingerprinting technology to implement their solution for your content.